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Are You A Show-er Or A Grow-er?

Are you a Show-er or a Grow-er? I promise this will make sense in a second…

You need video content to market online. Without video, you’re like a bloomin’ polar bear in a snow storm. No matter how easily you can see your target, your target can’t see you. This may be great for real polar bears, but pretty terrible for businesses.

As we step into the future the need for well thought out and strategically planned video content is only accelerating. It can be cumbersome and expensive working with production companies and it only really works to build an all important following when content is regular and valuable.

And that, is why The Oddity Forge exists. We provide cost effective, regular content for businesses on a subscription basis. That means, we can offer hugely competitive prices to deliver super engaging and valuable video content to you and your target audience, strategically created by professional video producers and marketers.

So how does it work?

Well first we need to know, if your business is a show-er, or a grow-er? Let me tell you about show-ers.

Show-er’s are established and need to maintain brand awareness. They don’t need to generate a substantial following but do need video to get their brand messages in front of their target audience.

Grow-er’s are a little different. Grow-er’s are typically small to medium sized businesses who need to build a following and have the opportunity to provide something unique and valuable to their target audience.

Once we know if you’re a show-er or a grow-er, you can choose the best video subscription package that works for you. We will work with you on a quarterly basis to plan your video content strategy, come to you every month to film your content, edit it in our studios and help with your activation and publishing.

The more truly valuable video content that you put out, the more engagement you will have. It’s that simple. Talk to us for more info!


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